RKDetector v2.0 - Security Analyzer
Runtime Forensic Analysis

Rkdetector Filesystem Browser and Rootkit Detector
Low level Fat32 and NTFS Drive analysis

Rkdetector Data Recovery
Scan the system for deleted files and allow recovery or wipe files

Rkdetector Secure Data (rootkits) and MFT deletion
Low level Filesystem Driver allow to secure deleted all internal file data structures

Rkdetector ADS (Alternate Data Streams) Scanner/Dumper
Scan the system for Alternate Data Streams and dump structs

Show extended information about files and directories

Registry/SAM analyzer (check for hidden users/services/registry keys)
Offline registry analyzer.Check hidden keys, analyze external registry files. export data to xml/reg files

Process Explorer
Extended Process Information

Rkdetector IAT Explorer
Scan the system for dll hooks and repare those entries

Rkdetector Filesystem Console Edition
Automatize all your security analysis with this Console edition

Rkdetector Connections
User Friendly interface to monitorize for TCP Connections

Services Monitor (manage Services and Installed Drivers Information)

External NTFS & FAT32 Filesystem APIs (able to patch AV software to perform full HD scan)

External Registry Access APIs (able to patch AV software to perform full registry scan)

more and more stuff..